Telecom network planning is extensive nowadays due to new technology upgrades, indoor coverage, and massive capacity requirements, at the same time, maximizing the value of existing network resources is a key challenge.

Today’s Network Planning requires great strategies and planning. In Network planning it is also important to make provision for future innovative technology. We offer services for 2G,3G, LTE, 5G NR Wi-Fi, and indoor densification planning.

Bharti Networks helps the customer not only in Network design but also in expanding rapidly and cost-effectively.

As a part of RAN Planning, We offer the following services

  • Study of spectrum requirements
  • Network Design and Dimensioning
  • Access Network Planning
  • Identification of coverage pain areas
  • 5G NR initial planning
  • Consolidation and swap project planning
  • LTE -A and m-MIMO planning
  • CW propagation model tuning

Moreover, High quality of service in mobile networks is the prerequisite for commercial success. Continuous optimization is a process, which focuses on checking the network quality continuously and takes actions when needed. It is a more constant way of maintaining good quality in the network, especially when the mobile networks are changing rapidly and more and more customers are being served.

We offer the following optimization services for all major OEMs RAN systems

  • Pre and post site launch KPIs and drive test verification: SCFT/SSV
  • Parameter Configuration Consistency Check
  • Traffic and throughput analysis
  • Parameter planning and optimization
  • Dropped call analysis
  • Handover success analysis
  • Drive test analysis
  • Interference analysis
  • Field measurements and acceptance testing
  • Frequency & Strategy Planning
  • Top N Site Targeting
  • Worst cell analysis

Program / Project Management

Managing projects in the telecom industry entail in-depth knowledge of project management. We undertake projects for our clients while evaluating limitations and requirements and do it efficiently with reduced costs.

In this context, driving successful projects requires flexibility and a handy knowledge of advanced project management methodologies. Our project managers combine expert and traditional techniques, such as stakeholder’s satisfaction and change management with scheduling and cost compression.

Project management Services

Bharti Networks Services also provides complete management of Projects for third parties which includes

  • Coordination with Material Suppliers
  • Coordination for Implementation
  • Coordination for Acceptance
  • Verifying invoices for payment


With more than 5 years of solid experience in rolling out telecom networks, Bharti Networks Services has a strong team capable of undertaking the most demanding of telecom projects. Our major strength lies in implementation of Core Networks in 2G/3G/LTE /WiMax/ NGN where we have unique credentials in implementing (including commissioning) one of the largest number of Network Switches in India for multiple operators. This also includes end to end implementation of the cutting edge Release 5 Technology

The following section gives a glimpse of our portfolio of Network Implementation Services.

Bharti Networks Services offers following services in telecom implementation domain

  • Site Surveys
  • BSS Implementation
    1. BTS/Node B
    2. Transmission
    3. BSC/RNC
  • Core Installation
    1. MSC/MGW Installations
    2. Installation of LTE Switches
    3. NGN Implementation
  • Core Commissioning
    1. MSS / MSC, MGW and associated network elements
    2. HLR / HSS and associated network elements

Bharti Networks provide end to end site rollout and expansion project services and follow OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) standards for network infrastructure rollout.

We offer Trunkey, Time & Material, task wise, and project management to our customers to execute Telco projects within set budgets, timelines, and assure quality.


One of the fastest changes in mobile network rollouts is occurring inside the buildings. Small cells are the ideal solution for providing coverage and capacity to indoor traffic hot spots and other priority areas, such as;- Airports, railways stations, Hotels, Shopping centers, and Large corporate clients.

It has been estimated that 70-90% of all mobile calls and data traffic are originated from the customers inside the buildings. With the introduction of 5G in higher frequency bands(mm-wave), it would be difficult to meet indoor network service requirements through outdoor macro sites, the most preferable way to provide ubiquitous mobile connectivity is to deploy small cells inside the buildings standalone or integrated with the macro layer to create heterogeneous networks. That provides good coverage and capacity inside the building and at the same time off-load traffic from the outdoor cells. These solutions are mostly based on Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Fiber Optic Distribution Antenna Systems (FODAS), or Pico/microBTSs.

We offer heterogeneous network densification-building network planning, optimization solutions, and Installation work.

We are equipped to undertake :

  • Active and Passive IBS Installation, testing and acceptance
  • Planning for RF distribution network through different tools
  • Small cells Link budget
  • Walk test for floors with analysis and recommendation
  • Optimization of an in-building network concerning outdoor network
  • New IBS Site Survey up to 100 Antennas
  • Repeater Survey
  • LTE/5G Wireless (Microsite) DT and CQT for Single Site & Analysis
  • Pico Site Indoor CQT and walk test & Data Analysis


The complexities of running mobile networks continue to increase, while operators are increasingly required to focus their scarce resources given a highly competitive market. To maintain margin growth operations have focused on cost-cutting exercises that have accelerated outsourcing.

Operator’s acceptance of partnering and acquisition of external expertise has grown in recognition of the opportunities and efficiencies such activities provide. Managed services have emerged as an important delivery model for network equipment vendors, systems integrators, as well as network-owning operators themselves.

Bharti Networks has established long term service delivery partnership with the customers and offering the following onsite and offsite managed outsourced services.

  • Network 24x7 Monitoring
  • Network Customer Complaints tracking and resolutions
  • Monitoring of the network elements on micro and macro level
  • 2G,3G, LTE, 5G technologies monitoring on a multi-vendor level
  • Provide subscriber perceived Quality of Service measure
  • QoS reports for senior management
  • Observing performance, configuration, & fault management
  • Management of network from a strategic perspective
  • Strategizing the network growth & providing efficient methods for implementation
  • Network Active and Passive Infra managed services


Bharti Networks offers end to end telecom professional services range from greenfield network build to managing network elements performance and maximize site productivity.

We offer Trunkey, Time and Material, task wise services as a solution to our customers within set budgets, timelines, and assure quality:

  • Network High end consultancy
  • Ad Hoc Network Audit and Analysis services
  • Program Management
  • CAPEX & OPEX optimization for OEMs and operators
  • Network process and workflow automation
  • Network orchestration and service assurance
  • SLA and regulatory compliance management
  • Digital transformation of legacy telecom infrastructure
  • Various site energy saving solutions


Bharti Networks demands highest level of excellence from its people. Most of our Engineers are through professional referrals and extensive interviews. Area of expertise is the key factor in our strategy. We at Bharti Networks strictly believe in specialization of the job. Hence, we see to it that only a person with exclusive expertise in certain field given that particular job.

Understanding the revolutionary technical enhancement and ever-changing faces of the telecommunication, our people constantly exposed to newer versions of the technologies through seminars, meetings, and exclusive training sessions conducted by the recognized experts.

We at Bharti Networks are highly dedicated and talented engineering workforce with deep knowledge, multiple skill-set and the right attitude, an effulgent group of professionals with a high background and rich experience backed by result-oriented technocrats that has grown from a medium unit to a modest company catering to a wide range of clientele.

A symbiosis of talent committed itself to strive for total customer satisfaction by consistently rendering quality assured services that meet the customer requirement and confirms to specific standards.

Quality of Service is a measure of how the customer feels the service provided by the network. QoS is an external measure often supported through drive test programs. This measure provides the customer perspective of Network Quality.

Network performance is a measure of how effectively and efficiently the network is functioning. Network performance is an internal measure mainly derived from Network Management data. This measure provides an Engineering perspective of network quality.

We offer the following Network Performance Benchmarking services :

  • Provide Subscriber perceived network experience
  • Benchmark voice and data services coverage and QoS performance against competitors
  • QoS and executive reports for Senior Management
  • Comparison of Indoor network coverage and quality
  • Recommendations for network improvement
  • Comparison of various network parameters for the operators